At JGHS we take pride in our effort to work with students and parents. We regard students as our greatest asset, and we pledge to do everything we can to develop and support our students socially, emotionally, and academically. By offering a wide variety of opportunities and programs for students, we believe we will produce high achieving students who are successful in life and are contributing members of society.

We are very committed to working with parents in an effort to make their children as successful as possible. Whether it is open house, curriculum nights, or any of the other opportunities in which we connect with parents and families, we value the participation and input we receive from our parents. What’s more important is the fact that we act on the input that is given.

Our unwavering commitment to working with and on behalf of students, along with the partnerships we form with our parents, is what sets JGHS apart. Student success and parent involvement is the backbone of what makes us a top school and district.


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