Parents play an integral role in the success of their children in school. This portion of the website provides parents with information and resources that are critical to that success.

We are very committed to working with parents in an effort to make their children as successful as possible. Whether it is family nights, curriculum nights, or coffees with district leadership, we value the participation and input we receive from our parents. What’s more important is the fact that we act on the input that is given.

Our unwavering commitment to working with and on behalf of students, along with the partnerships we form with our parents, is what sets Bangor Township Schools apart. Student success and parent involvement is the backbone of what makes us a top district.

Department Sites

Link: Bangor Bands Site

Student Resources

Link: Big Ideas Math and Moby Max (Math) on CLEVER

Extracurricular Activities

At CMMS we recognize that students that are involved in activities outside of the school day are more successful in school. We recognize that offering a large number of extracurricular activities offers students rich experiences outside of the normal school day.

Link: Bangor Athletics

Clubs & Groups

At CMMS we offer a wide variety of clubs and groups. We offer after school clubs as well as opportunities for students to get involved in our Bangor Recreation Program.